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Chartering and Projects

Many Reasons why we should handle your project or Heavy Cargo!

Agencias Navieras Rannik offers ship chartering services for the transport of dry bulk, break-bulk, general cargo, (steel, lumber, cement, fertilizers etc.) rolling stock equipment and Out of Gage (OoG) freight, as well as Heavy Lift (H-L) for Project Development.

Our Chartering and Projects Department features a group of maritime sector professionals with significant experience in the management and search of cost-effective solutions for the transportation of special cargo, and negotiation chartering agreement: Voyage Charters, Time Charters and Contracts of Affreightment.

We have an extensive network of shipowners and operators within the Caribbean, Europe, United States, Asia and South America to service your specific needs.


  • Japanese Peace Mission Project in Haiti: the shipment of heavy equipment from Port-au-Prince to the Haina Port and re-shipment to Japan.
  • Expansion of Punta Cana Airport Project: the shipment of equipment for the passenger terminal from Houston to La Romana.
  • Fuel Distribution Project in the Caribbean.
  • Chartering of a tanker ship as a Time Charter for a 6 month period.
  • Shipment of heavy equipment from the Haina Port to Djibouti
  • Re-shipment Project of heavy equipment and machinery from the Haina Port to Houston.

Port Cargo Management

  • Barrick Gold Mine Construction Project
    Port and Ground Logistics during the construction. Ports: Rio Haina and Puerto Plata.
  • Windfarm for EGE Haina in Pedernales (second phase)
    Unloading of ship. Port: Cabo Rojo
  • Quisqueya I and Quisqueya II Energy Projects for EGE Haina in San Pedro de Macoris
    Unloading of generators. Port: Caucedo.
  • Punta Cana Airport Expansion Project
    Jet Bridge management. Port: La Romana.
  • Caucedo Port Dredging Project

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