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A century sailing into the future

Founded in 1919, Rannik is the leading company in Dominican maritime commerce. It specializes in the transportation of all types of cargo, both to and from the Dominican Republic, connecting the country to the entire world. Through our represented lines and affiliates, we offer maritime, air and ground transportation services for cargo shipped in containers, bulk and loose break bulk cargo, and also offer management of cargo for projects, including storage services, Customs handling and door-to-door transportation delivery service. Our services are available throughout all the ports of the Dominican Republic.


Grupo Rannik S.A.S. is the holding company of the related companies, created to organize and administrate the companies and investments of the group.

Agencias Navieras Rannik, S.A.S. is the principal company within the group, offering container cargo transport, bulk,  loose break bulk,  Project cargo, including storage services, Customs handling and door-to-door transportation through our represented lines. Services are provided in all the ports of the Dominican Republic.

Operaciones Portuarias, S. A. S.,

Offers stowage services for containers,  general cargo, loose and bulk cargo, and other services such as the rental of port equipment. A fleet of boats (barges) are operated by the company in the main ports of the country for the transportation of pilots, crew, parts and supplies as well as assisting in bathymetric mapping and as ship security escorts.

Transporte Rannik, S. A. S.

Operates a flotilla of chassis and trucks, expressly for the ground transportation of containers and goods to and from domestic ports.  Tel. 809-793-7192

Viajes corporativos

– It is available to the public and offers multiple services including:
– Hotel Reservations, national and international
– Car rentals, anywhere in the world
– Airline tickets
– Cruises
– Local and International Tours
– Ground transportation
– For more information: (809) 793-7141 or (809) 793-7142.

B&R Marine 809-754-1212

Corporate Philosopy


As a group of experts within the national shipping industry, we are committed to offering scalable solutions that are integrated and customized to meet client needs.


To be leaders within the Dominican market, in maritime transportation and logistical services.


Integrity: We act in accordance with our corporate values, standards, laws and regulations.

Trustworthiness: Our procedures are designed to consistently comply with the terms of agreement and conditions established with our clients, shareholders, associates and interested parties.

Sense of belonging: We identify with our work and are proud to be members of the organization, as well as our achievements and goals.

Commitment: We deliver on our promises to our clients and we are responsible regarding our actions and established agreements.

Proactivity: We identify and anticipate the needs of our clients.

Innovation: We feel strongly about what we do and are creative in the search for solutions to meet the demands of our clients, generating new ideas and business opportunities.

Integrated Management System Policy

At Rannik, we are responsible for offering excellent quality services in maritime transportation and port services that guarantee an effective, efficient and timely response to the needs and expectations of our clients. Our operations are handled in conformity with applicable laws and current regulations, focused on risk prevention and striving for constant improvement of our procedures and services; to this end, we have a work team comprised of highly qualified and committed personnel.


Agencias Navieras Rannik holds a Business Alliance for Security Commerce Certification (BASC Dominicana) that accredits its membership in the association that fulfills all the standards of control and security required to operate within the Dominican import and export sectors, as a protagonist in the chain of distribution logistics, within the activities of international commerce.

Furthermore, Agencias Navieras Rannik holds the certification granted by the OEA Operador Economico Autorizado (Authorized Economic Operator) that certifies it as a reliable operator for the Customs authorities in international commerce, forming part of the logistical chain (manufacturers, exporters, importers, storage agents, distributors, customs agents, transit and transportation agents, etc.

Agencias Navieras Rannik holds the certification with international rule ISO 9001:2015 that focuses on all aspects of quality management, a standard which members must maintain in order to have effective systems that allow them to better oversee and improve the quality of their products and services. This certification assures clients that the company features an excellent system for quality management (SGC).

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The Rannik Group has promoted several harbor / port-related projects of great significance for Dominican Republic, including the Puerto Multimodal Caucedo (as part of the founder group) and the Haina International Terminals concession, as well as advice for the development of the natural gas terminal liquefied (LNG) from AES Andrés, the Coastal Petroleum maritime terminal and the Cogentrix fuel terminal.

The most recent project undertaken by Agencias Navieras Rannik is the development and construction of a cruise ship terminal in Maimon Bay, (Puerto Plata Province) in a joint venture with Carnival Corporation.